13–0342, Stewart and White Limited; 14–5699, Whites Aviation Limited, CC-by Alexander Turnbull Library. MOTAT

By Paul Tibbutt, Walsh Memorial Library team member

Maurice Clarke will largely be remembered as the New Zealand National Airways Corporation’s first General Manager. However, his earlier achievements in the development of New Zealand commercial aviation are equally important.

Detailed records of Clarke’s day-to-day management of not one but three airlines (Union Airways, Tasman Empire Airways and National Airways Corporation) and significant initiatives undertaken in an environment of often political controversy are held in the Walsh Memorial Library, at Auckland’s Museum of Transport & Technology (MOTAT).

Whilst it is not the intention of this article to provide a detailed history of Clarke’s career, the following is provided as…

Written by guest author Peter Alsop

Stanley Davis was a key figure in the early development and artistic direction of the Railways Department’s design studio, Railways Studios. His posters, billboards and magazine covers carved out a promising design career, cut short by his premature death. MOTAT holds important examples of Davis’s work; some are highlighted in this blog, along with his wider contribution to the Studios’ significant role in helping build New Zealand.

Born in Gloucester, England, Stanley Davis received an art education in both London and Paris, and served as a lieutenant with the Canadian Artillery during the First World War. After immigrating to New…

Queenstown Lake Wakatipu South Island New Zealand. Wellington: Dept. of Tourist and Health Resorts and Publicity and Queenstown Progressive League, 1936.

Written by guest author Katherine Milburn, Liaison Librarian and Curator Ephemera Collection, Hocken Collections, University of Otago

Frankton Junction railway station. 1937. Ref: HCL_09063, Hamilton City Libraries Te Ohomauri o Kirikiriroa

Written by guest author Neill Atkinson

The 1920s and 1930s were a pivotal era in the democratisation of family holidaymaking in New Zealand. During these years the state-owned New Zealand Railways (NZR) ­– and its emerging publicity and advertising machine — helped to propel a boom in domestic tourism by using sophisticated, aspirational marketing to appeal to holiday consumers, especially families.

Written by Paul Tibbutt, Walsh Memorial Library volunteer

TEAL Short Solent RMA Awatere (ZK-AMN), Whites Aviation Limited, 15–0631, Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

The Solent flying boat enjoys a special place in New Zealand’s aviation history; and when it is only one of two left in the world it becomes unique . In fact, MOTAT’s ZK-AMO is the only Short Solent Mark IV variant left in existence.

The Solent was operated by Tasman Empire Airways Ltd (TEAL) at the beginning of international passenger air travel, and was the last large civilian passenger flying boat used on a regular service.

The Short S.45 Solent was the culmination of many successful flying boats designed by Short Brothers and Harland who were based in Rochester, England…

Walsh Memorial Library

Team at MOTAT’s Walsh Memorial Library caring for documentary heritage and audio-visual material

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